Moatable provides management expertise, support services, and capital to help our SaaS businesses grow, scale, and reach their full potential.

Our incubation and exit strategy encourage our subsidiary companies to act boldly, build strong businesses, and solve their customers’ most pressing problems to create value and, eventually, go public or strike out on their own.

The #1 mobile app used by North American long-haul truckers, brokers, and fleets carriersThe service makes drivers more productive, efficient and comfortable to communicate while on the road and specializes in connecting freight companies and trucking capacity to remove friction from the process of sourcing and transporting loads from pickup to delivery. Trucker Path provides drivers with real-time trip planning insights including turn-by-turn navigation, reviews, real-time fuel pricing and discounts, and information about points of interest, including truck stops, weigh stations, and available truck parking. 

Lofty Inc. provides an AI-powered platform that helps real estate professionals increase their productivity and accelerate business growth. Featuring award-winning technology, the Lofty platform is designed to optimize every step of the real estate journey, from search to settlement. By leveraging one unified hub, customers can automate marketing programs, streamline the sales process, and maximize collaboration between agents empowering them to spend more time building relationships and their business.